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42nd Oregon Indian Education Association Annual Conference

May 9 – 10, 2019

University of Oregon, Erb Memorial Union

Creating Space for Indigenous Education:  Sharing our Struggles, Celebrating our Successes

This year’s Oregon Indian Education Association (OIEA) conference focuses on the theme “Creating Spaces for Indigenous Education:  Sharing our Struggles, Celebrating our Successes.” Through this theme, the OIEA conference seeks to recognize the countless ways Indigenous educators and communities create space for Indigenous education. Despite limited resources or a lack of institutional supports, Indigenous educators work tirelessly to create spaces that affirm Indigenous students, communities, and nations, and that recognize the importance of Indigenous languages, lifeways, and knowledges. We have started clubs, programs, and schools, created curriculum, and advocated for educational policy to reflect our priorities.

This legacy of Indigenous education reflects important survivance work that should be shared and celebrated!

This OIEA 2019 conference will highlight those efforts to create spaces for Indigenous education, in both educational practice and policy, anchored around six themes:
○ Decolonizing Curriculum
○ Pathways to Higher Education
○ Integrating Traditional Knowledge
○ Native Language Revitalization
○ Professional Development
○ Family Outreach

Tribal education practitioners, Native faculty, researchers, students, community members and community organizations are encouraged to share their efforts to create space for Indigenous education in their own contexts. Through this theme, we will share our struggles, as well as recognize and affirm our successes, big and small, so that we can help one another to sustain this important work.


Participants may provide presentations, panel discussions or workshops that are interactive, engaging and thought provoking. As a conference dedicated to Indigenous education, this opportunity provides a forum to present and participate in knowledge sharing and community building.

About the Conference:

American Indian/Alaska Native education sits at the very intersection of sovereignty and cultural sustainability in our Native communities. Without educating ourselves and those around us to the issues of sovereignty, governance, sustainability and cultural knowledge, we limit our capacity to truly decolonize the conditions in which Native communities continue to struggle. It is through the intersections of spiritual strength, sovereignty and educational access and success that Native communities can truly aspire to realize their own unique goals.

Our Partners

Native American Studies Program, College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Education Studies, College of Education

UO Office of Admissions

University of Oregon Alumni Association